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Princesses Against CancerPrincesses Against CancerPrincesses Against Cancer

Our Story

In 2016, High schooler Elizabeth Pino was outraged to find out a local party company charged the family of a little girl battling cancer for a hospital visit with two princesses. Fuel by her passion to make a company to right this wrong, She began saving every penny she made for the next 2 years to begin funding what at the time was just a dream and is now a national organization. 

In 2016 Princesses Against Cancer became official and Pino and a few of her friends decided to go into a local hospital and surprise the 3-year-old little girl named Vanessa, whose family had been charged for princesses in the past-at no cost!

Unfortunately, the little girl that inspired Pino so much passed away, but her memory and her legacy continue to live on through Princesses Against Cancer. Up until Vanessa's very last moments she spoke about the day she met her best friend Princess Anna. 

Today, Princesses Against Cancer has grown to work with some of the most well-known nonprofits to help bring smiles to children battling various illnesses and it was nominated for small nonprofit of the year by Nonprofits First. 

The princesses visit nearly every hospital in Palm Beach County and working with organizations like St.Judes, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen and many more. 

Elizabeth Pino 
(Executive Director/Founder)

Elizabeth Pino 

(Executive Director/Founder)

Core Values



We are committed to to giving our all in everything that we do and exceeding expectations.



We are passionate about the individuals and the community that we serve



We show sensitivity and empathy in every situation

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