What we do


Princess Visits

One of Princesses Against Cancer's primary goals is bringing smiles to children fighting disease. We have a group of princesses who volunteer to visit children in hospitals and other care facilities to lift their spirits and make them feel like royalty.  If you know someone who could use a princess visit, fill out the contact us form or email us directly at PrincessesAgainstCancer@gmail.com.



Another goal of Princesses Against Cancer is fundraising. Money fundraised goes directly to the children and families that we meet whether it's toys for the children or fun activities to do with the princesses.


Other Appearancs

Princesses Against Cancer also loves to attend events in our Palm Beach County community to spread the word about our mission. We can provide princesses free of charge for other charitable organizations or can appear at private events for a donation to our group, part of which will go to that quarter's charity.